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The vision of Palmshells.com is to help create a development on our common globe, where the consumption of energy for utility purposes can be done in a way that is both profitable and sustainable in the broadest sense.


The mission of Palmshells.com is to sell biofuels, which are cheap and sustainable with high degree of supply stability.

The mission is to be a kind of bridge between fuel suppliers who value price, profit and short-term supply stability, and on the other hand, those environ-mentalists whom are solely focused on sustainability without thinking of practical and implementable solutions.


Activities under the name of Palmshells.com are based on the following values​​, all of which and at the same time must be present:

Honesty and integrity

We strive in all relationships to be honest and fair, be they suppliers, customers, partners, etc., even if the truth may be hard to hear.

Objectivity and professionalism

We strive to constantly increase our knowledge of all aspects of the entire value chain, both as regards to the elements that we carry, as well as elements of the value chain from both suppliers, customers and partners.


We strive to continuously improve the sustainability of the products we sell - in the broadest sense, which includes everything from climate impacts, ecological cycle, pollution, impact on the food situation, employment and social matters, and renewable supply stability in the long lane.


We make every effort to be a reliable supplier, customer and partner. Stability of supply is alpha-omega in the energy industry, and is in fact a particular aspect of sustainability. People in our world is dependent on stable supply of energy, be it electricity, heat, etc.


We want to establish a sincere cooperation with our customers, our suppliers and our partners. We believe in long-term relations, which are not (only) about making a quick deal. We therefore want to constantly develop our products in dialogue with customers - co-create - with an eye for the whole value and supply chain.


Although we have experts in both supply and sales, we emphasize that sellers have insight into purchasing and logistics, and that the purchasers have insight into sales and often take part in meeting clients. We strive to continuously align the product and the expectations to what we actually can deliver, and to actually deliver what the customers want. We believe that "quality" is to live up to the expectations that are aligned with the customer.


It should be no secret that Palmshells.com is a business. When we sell palm shells it is - also - to make money. Concern for profit is not above other values​​ but on the other hand, there must also be - in the short or long term - a business in the things we do. Otherwise, our business will not be viable.